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Communication Skills Boost Contact Center Agent Performance, Retention, and Customer Satisfaction

Workplace Communication assesses empathy and listening skills. The test asks applicants to interact with customers showing various emotions, ranging from anger to surprise. By measuring their emotional understanding and communication skills, we help you identify applicants who can manage diverse customer interactions effectively.

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Workplace Communication

Key Features

Empathy and Listening

Our assessment evaluates an applicant’s capacity to empathize with customers and actively listen to their needs. By gauging these critical communication skills, we help you identify candidates who can establish rapport with and understand customers.

Customer Scenarios

Agents support customers with a range of personalities and emotions. Workplace Communication exposes applicants to a variety of customer scenarios and emotions, mirroring real-life on-the-job interactions. We can evaluate an applicant’s emotional intelligence and capacity to respond appropriately by challenging them to recognize and interpret these emotions.

Optimized Communication Skills

By identifying applicants who excel in empathy and active listening, Workplace Communication helps you build a high-performing team that effectively handles customer interactions, resolves issues, and fosters positive relationships.

Key Facts

  • Works on any device (computers, tablets, and mobile devices).
  • Most applicants finish in less than 6 minutes.
  • Accessible and fair for all groups.

Customer Scenarios

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What it measures

Low scorers
High Scorers
Struggle to build rapport and establish working relationships.
Share emotional experiences with others and build bonds.
Do not identify key points causing mistakes, confusion, or hurt feelings.
Receive, comprehend, and respond effectively to others.

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