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Drive Agent Productivity by Improving Typing Speed and Accuracy

Our Typing test assesses typing speed and accuracy. Unlike many other tests, we allow you the flexibility to choose a standard passage or your own.

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Key Features

Typing Speed and Accuracy

The test measures speed and accuracy. By evaluating how quickly and precisely applicants type, we help you identify people with the skills to enter information quickly, improving KPIs.

Choice of Passage

We recognize the uniqueness of every business. It’s why we allow you the option to upload a passage. The feature lets you tailor the test to your needs and evaluate applicants based on your requirements.

Detailed Scores

We create three scores for each applicant, Raw Words Per Minute, Net Words Per Minute, and Accuracy. Although most companies rely on Net Words Per Minute, the other scores provide added insight into an applicant’s capabilities.

Key Facts

  • Works on a PC or MAC (It does not allow applicants to test on mobile devices) .
  • One minute timed test
  • Accessible and fair for all groups.

Customer Scenarios

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What it measures

Low scorers
High Scorers
Enter information imprecisely and inaccurately.
Type information precisely and accurately.
Fail to input many words correctly in the assigned time.
Input many words correctly in the allotted time.
Lack the skill to enter many correct characters in the assigned time.
Enter many uncorrected characters in the allotted time.

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