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Identify Applicants Who Will Thrive in Demanding, High-Stress Jobs

Overcoming Adversity evaluates the capacity to bounce back when dealing with difficult work-related events and resolving interpersonal conflicts. Applicants face challenging, job-related issues that test their resilience and conflict-resolution skills.

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Overcoming Adversity

Key Features


The assessment measures an individual's ability to handle and recover from adverse work-related events. Applicants who bounce back quickly from emotionally taxing workplace issues are significantly more likely to thrive in a contact center.


Overcoming Adversity measures conflict-resolution skills. Contact center agents must support customers with a range of emotions. The capacity to deal with conflict effectively and diplomatically is essential to achieve various voice and chat KPIs, like Customer Satisfaction.

Coping with Stress

Contact centers are demanding, high-stress environments. Resilient people are better equipped to manage stress, rebound from setbacks, and maintain their well-being in these environments. The capacity to cope with on-the-job stressors increases the likelihood of staying on the job.

Key Facts

  • Works on any device (computers, tablets, and mobile devices).
  • Most applicants finish in less than 6 minutes.
  • Accessible and fair for all groups.

Customer Scenarios

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What it measures

Low scorers
High Scorers
Conflict Resolution
Struggle to find win-win solutions to interpersonal conflicts.
Manage conflict professionally while seeking a fair solution for all parties.
Rebound slowly from difficult events, which can affect performance.
Rebound quickly after encountering adverse workplace events.

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