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Achieve Unparalleled Contact Center Performance with MultiChannel Customer Support

Experience the epitome of contact center skills simulation with MultiChannel Customer Support, the industry’s most advanced solution. Seamlessly configure modules to measure service, sales, support, or collections skills across voice and chat channels. Elevate your contact center operations to new heights with this powerful tool.

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MultiChannel Customer Support

Key Features

Advanced Skills Simulation

Our simulation replicates real-world contact center scenarios. Immerse applicants in lifelike simulations and evaluate their performance.

Customizable Modules

Easily tailor modules to match your job requirements. Choose from voice service, sales, support, and collections or chat service, sales, and support. You can combine voice and chat scenarios to replicate multi-channel jobs.

Enhance Performance

Gain valuable insight into applicants’ skills with our robust metrics. Track key indicators such as service orientation, sales potential, troubleshooting, multi-tasking, quality, navigation, and accuracy.

Key Facts

  • Works on any device (computers, tablets, and mobile devices).
  • Completion time ranges from 8 to 15 minutes, depending on the configuration.
  • Accessible and fair for all groups.

Customer Scenarios

  • Voice: Service, Sales, Support, and Collections
  • Chat: Service, Sales, and Support
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What it measures

Low scorers
High Scorers
Do not build rapport, find a shared solution, or an agreed action plan.
Build rapport, find a joint solution, and reach an agreed-upon plan.
Struggle to define the problem, find a solution, or solve an issue.
Isolate the problem, find a solution, and solve the issue
Do not identify needs, position offer well, or overcome resistance.
Identify a need, position an offer, answer a question, and close a sale.
Customer Services
Fail to build rapport or deliver a delightful service experience.
Build rapport and deliver supportive, friendly service.
Demonstrate insufficient skills to perform the job well.
Show the skills essential to performing well on the job.
Computer navigation
Fail to more efficiently between tabs, extending the call or chat.
Move efficiently between tabs, minimising call or chat length.
Data Entry
Input text or numerical data inaccurately or slowly.
Enter text or numerical data correctly and quickly.
Do not manage more than one task efficiently and correctly.
Manage two or more tasks at the some time, like talking and typing.
Do not follow processes and procedures correctly or efficiently.
Follow processes and procedures correctly and efficiently.

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