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A native of Huntington, WV, Brent Holland founded Intelliante to help people thrive at work. He saw firsthand how hiring mistakes cause emotional and financial suffering. The experience led him on a 20-year journey to understand why hiring processes fail so often if pre-employment tests and interviews worked as advertised. The answer is where Intelliante’s story begins.

Brent noticed that hiring processes failed for three reasons. He designed a radically new way to use pre-employment tests to solve those three problems.

The journey is long, and we’re just starting. We hope you’ll join us as we rebuild confidence in pre-employment testing, one applicant and one successful hire at a time.

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Awesome statistics

Did you know that

50% of new

hourly workers fail in six months

Contact Centers average


attrition annually

It costs a Contact Center

$10k - $25k

to replace one agent

Reduce attrition by


signing up with Intelliante